POKéMON Simulator

POKéMON Simulator 4.5

Adventure through the Pokemon universe and catch as many as you can

PC clone of the Game Boy Pokémon game. Explore the magical world that surrounds you, find new Pokemon to capture, then evolve and train them. Use the money you get to purchase PokeBalls, potions and other useful in-game items.

POKéMON Simulator 4.5 is a simulation game where we do not play on the actual battlefield like in the Nintendo Game Boy version but by selecting which action to take against the enemy from a list of short sentences given. This software can be download totally free and quick from the developer's website. It is quite simple and takes no space in our hard drive.It has been designed to be played on our computer. It features a simple Dialog Box but with nice and real graphical icons for each character. The game can be played just by clicking the left button of our mouse, by selecting our nickname, choosing a POKéMON character and its opponent, selecting an attack type, taking turns and reading the results of our attack and the opponent's attack, until we won,loose or run away. The statistics are shown on the right window all the time, so we can act accordingly. With the money won, we can bet or purchase several items, such as POKéBALLS,Great Balls,Ultra Balls,Potions and Super Potions. At the POKéDEX viewer window we can get information for all 386 POKÉMON characters with their type,attack type and the level at which they can be evolved. We are allowed to select: -Audio and Video (from the audio/video files in our computer). -Level (7 available from Easy to Prime Cup).- Fight a Trainer.-Fight a Wild POKéMON.-Evolve a POKéMON.-Release a POKéMON.-Compare the attack types with the POKéMON types. It runs under Windows 98,ME,2000,XP Ops.

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  • Freeware,easy to use,nice and colourful real POKéMON icons,It takes minimal space in our hard drive


  • None
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